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Partner to offer a complete portfolio of in-house, site-specific services and risk management solutions for small and medium enterprise  business owner.

Our service: Flood Hazard Management

-Conduct flood hazard risk assessment such as topographic and flood modeling

-Formulating preventive measures and solutions against flood hazard exposure

Our service: Supply of Demountable Flood Barrier

-The official 'Dai Chen Patented Watertight Gate' distributor in Malaysia & Singapore

‚Äč-Supply and install of demountable flood barrier products in Malaysia & Singapore

Our service: Fire Protection System Design

-Provide sprinkler design and installation guideline using NFPA code and FM Global standard

-Sprinkler hydraulic calculations

-Provide fire protection inspection, testing and maintenance guideline using MS1910, NFPA, and FM Global code and standard

-Supply of fire protection system part and equipment

Our service: Property Loss Prevention Audit

-Property loss prevention inspection audit in accordance with world recognized safety standard and guideline

-Electrical, boiler and machinery risk and vulnerability analyses

-Property loss prevention control training

-Supply of loss prevention control part and equipment


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